Security Risk at your Fingertips

Built on top of SecureTech.Online, super modular system provides you intelligent logic & streamlined for your needs.


Risk Planning

With CRO you can see what you have to work with, making your planning easy.


Pre-built Libraries

It's built and ready to go!

  • Risk Assessments
  • Questionnaire Assessments (many to choose from)
  • Risk Treatement and Corrective Action Plans
  • Asset Risk
  • Process Risk
  • APIs
  • And much much more...


Risk Treatement

Here's what's in it for you

Things you will get right out of the box with CRO.

Flexible Risk Tools

Build your risk models with an easy front-end and threat/risk libraries along with CRO's sets of carefully designed elements.

A Large Security Framework Library

With your subscription of CRO, you have the choice from our large collection frameworks for various industries and scenarios.

Expert Content/Mappings and Knowledge

Painful or time-consuming mappings between frameworks are completed and provide lots of value.

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